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Our Mod Pack

As part of our unwavering dedication to fairness and balance, we’re thrilled to introduce our official modification, a vibrant and fair alternative to the now-banned Weman’s cheat/fake mod. This is your gateway to enhanced gameplay, combining the features you loved with the integrity you expect from our server.

Committed to Our Players
We understand the allure of extra features that mods like Weman’s offered, but we also know the importance of a level playing field. That’s why we’ve been hard at work developing an alternative that aligns with our core values of fairness and competitive play. Our commitment is to bring you what you desire in a mod, ensuring it enriches your gaming experience without compromising on equity.

Download the Official Mod
Ready to dive in? Our mod is easy to download and install, getting you back into the action with features that are both fun and server-approved.

Current Features Include:

Tag Visibility: Know who it is you’re looking at; friend or foe, to stab or to not.
Enhanced Zoom: Get a closer look at the action with a balanced zoom feature.
Bird Animation: Flap those wings! You don’t actually fly, but you do look silly!
Download the Official Modification Here

What’s Next?
This is just the beginning. We’re listening to your feedback and continuously working to expand the mod with more features. Our goal is to evolve with our community, ensuring that your voice is heard and that future updates reflect the features you enjoy the most.

Keep an eye on this page for updates, and thank you for your support as we take this important step towards a more equitable gaming experience for everyone.

Happy gaming!

Note: By downloading and using this mod, you agree to adhere to the server rules and will not use Bird mode during combat.

UPDATE: We now host this on our Discord, where you can download the mod pack. Click here to join our Discord.